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Wedding Car Hire In The Chandigarh, Mohali & Panchkula

wedding car hire chandigarh

Nowadays, cars have become an integral part of everyone’s life. Almost every person travels every day through any means i.e. Cars, bikes, buses etc. In day to day life we need normal cars with normal amount of luxury features. But when someone needs the cars for his/her wedding occasion, then they mean to have the cars with the most amount of luxury. So fulfill your desire, Gagan Taxi Service provides to you with the luxury cars with maximum possible amount of pre-installed as well as custom installed luxurious features.

If you have a large number of relatives, then you can also book luxury traveller or buses with that as well.
Apart from pre-installed features like airbags, fire-extinguisher and ABS, we provide you with many extra custom made luxury installation, especially for the marriage purpose to make your wedding, the most memorable for you.

They are:
Covering the whole car with flowers and bouquets
Special fragrance for the wedding couple
Special light effects
Special heart-shaped wedding balloons
Special safety features
Special wedding music

We provide our customer with the best possible service to make their moment the most memorable in their life.

Wish you have a great life ahead!!!