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Famous Tourist Destinations in Pune

Pune is the largest city in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The city is famous for its manufacturing and automobile industries, as well as for research institutes of information technology (IT), management , which attract migrants, students, and professionals from India, South East Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. We are providing famous tourist destinations of Pune. Have a Look.


Famous Tourist Destinations in Ladakh

Ladakh, Situated in Jammu and Kashmir region is the home of people from Indo-Aryan and Tibetan Communities. It is one of the most densely populated region in Jammu & Kashmir. It is closely related to Tibet in terms of History and culture. The region is suitable for tourism because of the number of peaks and valleys, it possesses, including Baltistan valleys, Indus Valley, Nubra Valley, Zanskar, Lahaul and Spiti. The beautiful landscaped and high mountains best for mountaineering sports and events attracts tourist from all over the world.

Famous Tourist Destinations in Ladakh

How to hire a taxi in Chandigarh

Traveling is an integral part of everyone’s life. Almost every person travels every day. Some of them use Public Transport, some uses Private Vehicles while a major category of people prefers taxi. There are several situations where we have to hire a taxi, for example, in case to shuttle from airport, railway station, hotels or for tour and travel purpose. It is a reliable and time saving options.

Several points, you should keep in mind while booking a ride:

Driver’s Qualification:
Be sure the driver is qualified to drive a taxi. Check for his valid driving license and experience in taxi driving. Taxi drivers should make you feel comfortable. He/she should be professional.

Vehicle safety:
The taxi you are hiring should be in proper condition. It should have been passed all relevant tests and measurements from the concerned authorities and should not be in need on any maintenance or repair work. It should be clean and proper sanitized so as to provide with the comfortable and pleasant journey.

Safety features
The car should be equipped with all the required safety features like ABS, Airbags, Hammer, Fire-Extinguisher, GPS, Seat Belt, First-Aid box etc. It should have a proper tool for little maintenance if required. And if there is foggy weather outside, then it should also have at least one pair of fog lamps.

Value for Money
If the company does not have a fixed fare slab, then the taxi drivers sometimes used to charge extra amount from the passenger. So, you should go for those taxi vendors who have a fixed per km price and who are offering flat rates for common trips such as to the airport, railway station and bus stand or some tourist spots in the city.

Comfortable Booking System
A taxi can be hired in multiple ways like online, offline, through mobile app etc. Out of which booking through mobile app is a much convenient way to book a ride. People often find it convenient booking a ride through mobile app.

24/7 Booking Service
Always go for the taxi service who are providing you with the 24/7 booking service. So that you can book a ride at any point of time, whether it is early morning or late night.

On-Road Assistance
Although most of the taxi companies provide a well-maintained car, but somehow if vehicle face any fault so, in that case company should provide you the 24/7 on road assistance which includes providing a new cab or providing with the auto-mechanic.

Refund/Cancellation Policy
In case, you are somehow unable to board the taxi after booking a ride due to change of plan, in that case the company should have a valid refund/cancellation policy to facilitate the customers.

So next time when you go for a taxi, make sure to consider all these tips before make a booking.

Have a great journey ahead!