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Famous Tourist Destinations in Manipur

Manipur is located in the north eastern region of India. Imphal is the state capital of Manipur. Sometimes Manipur is also called by the name of “Kangleipak” and “Sanaleibak”. Manipur is surrounded Nagaland in the north, Mizoram in the south, and Assam in the west and Burma in the east direction. Manipur is the official language of Manipur. Manipur is one of the best tourist locations in the north earth India. Have a look the famous tourist destinations in Manipur:

Famous Tourist Destinations in Manipur

Famous Tourist Destinations in Pune

Pune is the largest city in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The city is famous for its manufacturing and automobile industries, as well as for research institutes of information technology (IT), management , which attract migrants, students, and professionals from India, South East Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. We are providing famous tourist destinations of Pune. Have a Look.